Dr. Damon is the only pediatric dentist in the DFW area that has an ICAT in her office. The ICAT allows for 3-D scans to be able to capture so much more in one image than a 2-dimensional scan. How will this improve your experience at our office?

We will be able to do a snapshot in time of your child’s airway to assess for a compromised airway- this cannot diagnose an airway problem; however, in conjunction with our exam and other screening tools we have a better picture of your child’s needs.

ICAT also has the ability to do LOW dose scans that are great for the young child.

CariVu – No Xray Cavity Detection

  • CariVu is a cavity detection device that uses patented transillumination technology to support the identification of cavities.
  • Uses non-ionizing radiation which is ideal for children, pregnant women and patients who are X‑ray averse.
  • 99% accuracy


We use Sleep Image alongside our clinical exam to screen patients for Sleep Disordered Breathing. Patients will be able to take it home and wear it at night to check for Sleep Quality. It is the only FDA- cleared measure to check for this. The great thing is we can check your child’s status before we start treatment, during treatment and after treatment. We will have a measurable result and goals to work towards. Best part is it’s MEASUREABLE!