Did you know…..

  • 60% of a child’s facial growth is complete by age 4
  • 70% by age 5
  • 90% by age 12

“Over 90% of children with crooked teeth, teeth grinding, or malocclusion have compromised nasal breathing.”

– “Understanding Nasal Breath” Drs. Catalano and Walker

Therefore, if we see a child not growing adequately or in the right direction,

Its important to diagnose and treat early.

Due to the importance of nasal breathing over mouth breathing,

We establish protocols with your child to lay a foundation for proper growth and development.


Things that lead to improper growth and development:

  • Mouth breathing
  • Habits- pacifiers, bottles, thumbs,
  • Tongue thrust
  • Oral dysfunction
  • Soft diets

Case 1


Midface deficiency due to Oral dysfunction (tongue and lip tie present) and low tongue posture. Mild snoring noticed.

CBCT of this patient shows low tongue posture and a restricted airway. If this child continues to grow in this fashion, she will end up potentially being a surgery case. Who wants that when we can do something about it NOW!


Case 2


New 5 year old with a thumbsucking habit and vaulted palate. Posterior crossbite that leads to narrow maxilla.