Meet Michale

Michale Chatham, RN, BSN, LMT, OMT, IBCLC

Clinic Care Coordinator
About Michale

Michale specializes in the Education and Anticipatory Guidance surrounding Cranio-Facial Growth and Airway formation and function. This early education and guidance helps to provide the oppportunity for infants and children to develop optimally functional airways and breathing.

Over her 30 year career in Nursing and Dentistry, Michale Chatham has worked in a variety of settings and specialty areas including: Oncology, Gastroenterology, Toxicology related to Industrial exposure, Integrative and Holistic Medicine, Nutritional Counseling, General and Cosmetic Dentistry, Orthodontics and Orthotropics, Dyslexia and Autism. Michale's experience in Dentistry is unique to her practice. She spent 25 years in the Dental field in the areas of Holistic, Integrative and Biological Dentistry writing detoxification and practice protocols in conjunction with the IAOMT (International Association of Oral Medicine and Toxicology), worked as an Orthodontic chairside assistant and Treatment Planning Coordinator for a large Integrative Oral Function Clinic in the midwest, as well as Clinical Director of Integrative Oral Function for a Biological and Integrative Dental Practice. Michale created and founded one of the first integrative Dental Tongue Tie Clinics in the Midwest (Wichita, Kansas). This practice remains one of the leaders in the field of integrative approaches to oral function which addresses Cranial Nerve Dysfunction, Midline defects such as Tongue-tie as well as addressing the Fascia and Movement related to the optimization of the airway. Michale continues pioneering the field of infant/toddler habilitation of oral function as it relates to optimization of the airway, infant / toddler functional movement and relating those aspects to overall wellbeing and "Thrival" (not just survival) of the growing child.

Michale is a Texas Licensed Registered Nurse, a Texas Licensed Massage Therapist (MT127223) as well as an IBCLC, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. She is trained in The Gillespie Approach: A Craniosacral Fascial Dentofacial Therapy Technique, which addresses some of the root causes of Oral Dysfunction. Michale is also a Restorative Breathing Technique practitioner, which is a neuro-cranial integration technique that is beneficial for anyone addressing sleep disorders, tongue and swallow dysfunction or Airway Disorders such as Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Michale is trained in Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy, having taken multiple comprehensive and advanced courses (300 hours to date). She is also on the board of the Adjustable Light-force Functional appliance educational board in the areas of Physiology and Lactation.

Michale’s story

I am a true believer in "doing my own work". I feel that I'm better equipped to help others when I have walked my talk. That's why I never ask a client to do something that I have not done myself.

The things I know come from a lifetime of dealing with my own issues and the issues my children and family and have given me the "opportunity" from which to learn. Over 10 years ago, my life took a turn for the better when I finally gained answers to the 12 years of Migraine headaches I experienced. That journey took me back to Massage School, landed me in a multitude of training programs and the opportunity to exchange ideas with many leaders and pioneers in the fields of Sleep Medicine, Functional Orthodontics, Holistic Lactation, Chiropractic, Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy and Fascia work. I authored and published the widely referenced article “Is your baby a Tether-berg or a Tether-Floe”, which explored the phenomenon of why some babies do better after tongue tie release than others. I am an active mother of 5 grown children as well as a home-birth, breastfeeding and natural parenting advocate who loves the beach, loves healthy food, loves health and wellness education, am a problem solver, studies biochemistry, physics, anatomy and physiology for fun and has a real passion to find new ways to normalize oral function and movement..... so that babies, children and adults may: breathe well, eat well, speak well and ultimately live well.