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Dr. Carla Damon

About Dr. Damon

Dr. Carla Damon grew up in Dallas and began her interest in dentistry while attending college at Baylor University in Waco. After graduation, she followed her college sweetheart to The University of Texas Dental School at Houston. In dental school, it became clear that pediatric dentistry was a fitting path. The Damon’s knew they wanted to return to Dallas to be closer to Dr. Damon’s family. After a 2 year residency at the Baylor College of Dentistry, Dr. Damon continued onto private practice. She currently is in private practice seeing patients and treats complex dental and medical needs at Children’s Medical Center. Dr. Damon is married to Dr. Clark Damon (owner of three dental offices in Texas) and is the mother of 2 kiddos, Tripp and Isla and two fury babies, Leah and Peter. Through her story with her daughter she has found a need to have an integrative tongue tie and myofunctional practice in the Dallas area.

Dr. Damon’s story

It was not until the last couple of years that the frenectomy world has spiked my interest. Some newborn patients came to the office for consults to see if their lip or tongue tie were causing a problem. At the time the answer was no. After seeing numerous patients with difficulty with speech, breastfeeding, reflux, I began researching. Having had a successful breastfeeding relationship with my son, I wanted the same for other mothers that sought to have that relationship. After attending several continuing education classes, shadowing several dentists, and completely understanding the importance of the full range of the tongue, it was clear that a little tongue tie or lip tie can cause significant problems.

After the birth of my daughter, I got to experience first hand the limiting factor of the lip and tongue tie. No one at the hospital could seem to figure out why the latch was not correct or why the pain was so significant. The difficulty I had with breastfeeding was chalked up to the fact that my daughter had limited opening and a strong suck. After several painful weeks, I engaged a local lactation consultant. She strongly suggested I see someone for a possible frenectomy.

Unfortunately the first release was a failure. The symptoms disappeared and function was restored but around the fourth to fifth week after the revision, symptoms reappeared and there was re-attachment. It was disheartening and frustrating, but it pushed me to the point that I wanted to know more. During this time, I did a significant amount of continuing education. I learned about the importance of an IBCLC and/or a bodyworker. Remembering back to the first weeks of my daughters life, I began to remember how tight her little body was. She would clinch her fists and when changing her diaper and her body could not seem to relax. Isla could not lay flat to sleep and would constantly hiccup and projectile vomit all of her food after her nighttime feedings. After a few months of this, I engaged the help of an IBCLC that was lip and tongue tie savvy and sought out body work for my daughter.

Things did not begin to click and come full circle until Isla’s first appointment with Michale Chatham. After performing CFT (Craniosacral facial technique) and releasing several restrictions in the head and neck area, soon Isla’s symptoms seemed to get better. After a few sessions of bodywork and a plan in place, Isla had her second revision. We continued the team approach all the way through and still to this day, she gets bodywork to help her through her growth spurts.

The lesson to be learned is that there is so much more beneath the surface of the lip and tongue tie. It takes a team approach to get good results. Unfortunately I learned this the hard way. Therefore, I want my patients to walk in with their team in place and know they are supported in this process.