Functional Movement

Frenectomy of the Lingual Frena or the Labial or Lip Frena are done for one reason: To create and facilitate optimum Movement.

If a body part is designed to move, then in order to fulfill its’ purpose, it needs to move in all of the ways that it is optimally designed. Take for example our arms. If they are inhibited in their movement, say by a string of tissue under the armpit, then our body’s convert the potential for the full range of motion into a compensation. Maybe the shoulder rises, or the hips elevate to get that arm to full extension and range. Try it! Pin your elbow to your waist and try doing tasks with your forearms. Watch yourself in a mirror so you see the contortions you attempt by fulfilling your brains desire to move.

The tongue and lips are no different. Our "software" brains know what the 'hardware' body is capable of doing. It’s hard-wired into our DNA! So when our movable parts aren’t following to the program’s potential, the brain’s software creates a new pathway.

In tongue and lip tie release, the ultimate goal is to sync up the Brain’s software with the Body’s hardware so that the DNA become satisfied at the cellular potential. A tied tongue or lip that has never known the freedom to move needs new neurological ‘brain tracks’ to run on! Similar to a train on train tracks except with a lot more options!

The whole goal of what is known as a "bodywork" modality such as Chiropractic, Occupational Therapy, Massage Therapy, Cranio-sacral Therapy, Osteopathy, Feldenkrais or Bowen Therapy and the like is to facilitate, integrate and promote the freedom of movement into the whole body. All of these modalities are merely tools to promote movement and regulation of the nervous system!

It's easy to free a tongue. Laser release of the Frena is a visible result. We see this magical moment with Tether-Floe babies. Less obvious is how the body uses that freedom and syncs up with the rest of the system. Most residual problems following Lip or Tongue tie release result from insufficient preparation prior to procedure or lack of post op integration as well as remaining restrictions within the body which limit movement and the brain integration of the new freedom in the mouth.

Dr. Damon's office uses MyoWild™ as a movement assessment tool as well as movement method to allow for pre and post release integration. This Intuitive Brain Movement based on The Gillespie Approach and Myofunctional Therapy, allows and assists the body in achieving the brains' need for body movement and neurological integration.

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