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One Child at a Time

We are an integrated care clinic that solely focuses on optimal oral function in the newborn, young child, and adolescent child. From breastfeeding difficulty to speech to airway problems we are here to treat your child’s needs.

We want your family to feel understood and cared for during the process of diagnosing, treating and recovering from the frenectomy procedure. Recent research is clear that small little restrictions in the mouth can cause a lot of problems for the growing and developing child.

In your one hour consult, we will do a thorough assessment of the intra-oral structures as well as a global assessment of how the child moves, grows, and is developing. Dr. Damon and team will diagnose the baby or child for any oral restrictions, create an integrated plan, and prepare our parents for post operative recovery. We want your baby or child as well as the parents to be supported in all aspects. We will work with your current referral sources or help to find the best follow up care including lactation support, speech and language, or integrated movement.

Our team takes great joy in providing families with the lip tie and tongue tie expertise gained over years of experience in this field. Welcome.

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Integrative care clinic solely dedicated to the child’s needs of frenectomies.